Ways To Improve Your Health

How are you feeling? Have you ever been asked this question and was too ashamed to answer it truthfully? Well, I have. We’re so busy in our day to day lives trying to complete our daily tasks and what is asked of us that we forget about ourselves. Failing to take care of ourselves leads to symptoms from being tired to suffering from headaches and other ailments. So we will discuss some ways to improve our health and understand the importance of the key elements needed to be healthy.

To improve hormonal balance the first factor is a healthy diet. A healthy diet is made up of 3 main meals a day.

The main factor that we must pay attention to is our hormones. Hormones have great effects on your mental, physical and emotional health. They control your appetite, weight, mood, energy levels, metabolism and much more. The main problem that many suffer from is Hormonal imbalance. This is when there is too much or too little of a hormone in your bloodstream where hormones travel to the tissues and organs. They tell the organs what to do and when to do it. Hormonal Imbalance can be caused by many things such as depression, stress, diabetes, aging, and poor diet.

Here’s a chart of a healthy breakfast to get your dy started off right.
Here’s some helpful hints to have a healthy lunch or dinner.

The 3 important meals we must have for a productive day.




A meal consists of the following: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, and eggs. Also, the meals should be made up of smaller portions to avoid overeating. Limit your intake of foods high in sodium, sugar, and transfats.

Foods high in sodium are bacon, plain milk, ketchup, cold cuts, and canned foods.

Foods high in sugars are BBQ Sauce, Ketchup, fruit juices, soda, flavored coffee and protein bars.

Foods high in trans-fats are crackers, cookies, donuts, cakes, and fast food.

Here’s some great options to get you started on your journey to better health.

Another important element of maintaining hormonal balance is exercise. You should do some form of exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. I myself am not too crazy about exercising, but I make it a point to walk each day for 30 minutes. Exercise reduces insulin levels that can result in diabetes. It also boosts levels of muscle maintaining hormones which protect muscle mass during aging.

The next important factor is hydration. As you know hydration plays a major role in a healthier digestive system. It helps burn more fat and helps the body get rid of waste. It is recommended by health authorities that we drink 8-8oz glasses of water daily. For some drinking plain water can be hard and boring. So another choice I’ve found helpful is infused water. The chart above lists some great herbs and veggies to incorporate in your water. The drink is not only refreshing but each ingredient has multiple health benefits. To find other ideas Google infused waters and you will be amazed at the variety and benefits it offers you.

Last but not least in order to maintain our health we must learn to manage stress. Stress can cause overeating and many ailments. Learn to manage stress with yoga, a massage, soothing music, a favorite craft or hobby a whatever else you enjoy doing.

Here are some tips for managing stress:

Accept that there are things in life that you cannot control

Express yourself/feelings diplomatically instead of aggressively, becoming angry, defensive and abrasive

Learn to say no to requests that will cause you to get overwhelmed and stressed

Don’t rely on temporary fixes like alcohol or drugs to reduce stress

Look for positive support by being with those you enjoy being around

I hope this information was beneficial to you and feel free to comment with more positive suggestions that may work for you. Stay well and positive, live the life you deserve.


Starting my journey to a healthier lifestyle began when I realized that the human body is like a machine. Whatever you put in it affects how it works. To allow our body to function at it's best we must care for it properly both physically and mentally. So my mission is to help others by sharing tips and ideas on ways to bettering their health.

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