Waking Up Ready To Go

Do you dread the morning? Is it difficult for you to get out of bed? Do you press the snooze button over and over again? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are not alone. Many of us have difficulty starting our day and just totally dread the whole morning routine we must go through each day to have a productive day. Since this is a common issue that so many of us share I am going to share some tips to make your morning routine easier and more productive for you. Summer has gone and winter is fast approaching.  So this is the best time to start some positive habits.

Get the Rest You Need

For some going to sleep is the biggest issue that makes getting up in the morning such a drag. So lets discuss some habits that we should begin. First we must have a sleep schedule. This was the biggest problem for me. I would stay up until past midnight and when it was time to get up I would be so exhausted. As a result I would start my day off grumpy and rushed because I waited until the last minute to get ready for work. So this is the most important step to take. The benefits will truly have great effects on you and your entire day. To start off on your bedtime schedule right you should avoid eating these foods near bedtime: chocolate, coffee, beer, wine or any other high caffeine products. These foods disturb your intestines and require you to make multiple bathroom runs. So the body will not have ample amount of time to relax and recharge. The high caffeine will also cause restlessness .

Do Not Hit the Snooze Button

This is the biggest don’t. Hitting this button only delays the inevitable and gives you more time to dread getting up and start to doubt yourself. So don’t do it. Instead, move your alarm clock to a place you can not reach from bed. This way you will have to get up when the alarm clock goes off and begin your day. Trust me I know it’s hard and will seem so annoying at first but it’s a way to get your body moving and stop your mind from contemplating not getting up. Plus that initial movement gets your momentum going and is the start of your morning progress.

Do Get Up at the Same Time Daily

The biological process that drives your sleep and wake cycle rely on consistency. So create a sleep schedule and stick to it, your body will thank you. To trigger your body’s system to know it’s time to wake up open blinds or curtains for sunlight to flood your room. This not only triggers the awakening senses it also gives you a boost of energy from the sunlight. Another way to wake the body up is when youre at the end of your shower drop the temperature of the water down a bit. Hold on before you protest I don’t mean to ice cold. Just a few degrees lower than your normal bathing temperature. This will get you refreshed and ready to go on with your day. I saw this tip in a health magazine and when I tried it I was so impressed. Give it a try you just might like it.

Get Hydrated

When you awake start off with a glass of water. This will not only hydrate your body but will also help your body to go from sleep mode to awake mode. Also, it will get a healthy flow of oxygen in your body. The water will also increase the rate at which muscle and blood cells are produced in your body. In my previous blog post I mentioned some great ideas for infused water. So if you get a little bored with just lemon water add some other favorites along with the lemon.

Raise Energy

Your next step once you’ve gotten hydrated is to energize self by taking big cleansing breaths. This is also a good time to meditate. I personally use this time to come up with a Positive Affirmation for the day. Some examples of this are:

I will have a productive day.

I will enjoy the event I am going to today.

I will not let the negativities that surround me effect me.

These affirmations speak positivity into my life and allow me to focus on this thought throughout the day. This also clears the mind of any doubt or apprehensive thoughts you have regarding this day.

So basically boot the negative feelings out and embrace those positive ones.

Turn on the Music

Here’s a few of my favorites

Follow this session of positivity with some upbeat music that will wake you up and get you going. I personally created a few playlists on my phone. Here’s some of my favorite tunes.


Eating three meals a day is best to avoid overeating and other health issues. To avoid feeling tired after meals stay away or go light on Carbs like bread. Another common product to avoid in high dosages is sugar. High sugar products will only trick your body into thinking it’s energized. Then the energy levels will crash. So stay away from those energy drinks and sweet cereals.

I hope these tips and information were helpful to you. Take it one step at a time and find what works for you. Remember your body is your temple so treat it accordingly.

Until the next time live and love life and make it what you want it to be.


Starting my journey to a healthier lifestyle began when I realized that the human body is like a machine. Whatever you put in it affects how it works. To allow our body to function at it's best we must care for it properly both physically and mentally. So my mission is to help others by sharing tips and ideas on ways to bettering their health.

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