Facing Quarantine

Facing Quarantine

Facing the Unexpected

At this time the world is under total fear due to a deadly virus that is killing people every day, called the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).  This virus has affected many around the world and has captured the attention of all.  From panic to total fear the emotions are running high and stopping us from living our best life.  We are faced with being quarantined to save our lives as well as the lives of our families and loved ones. Each and every day of our lives are meant for us to live to the fullest, and when we are under stress like this everything comes to a standstill.  Fear and high emotions of negativity will eventually have ill effects on your body.  So as difficult as it may seem let’s try to put out some positive vibes on this extremely difficult situation.

Being Thankful

Let’s start off with being thankful for a few things:

  • this virus has been brought to our attention
  • there is a lot of information on protecting ourselves and our families
  • we have somewhere to be where we are safe and not be forced to put our lives in danger

Turning this Negative into a Positive

In order for us to maintain our health, it is necessary to stay under quarantine. That seems difficult and overwhelming but think of this time as a chance to better ourselves and develop better habits. We have a chance to make the best of our time by focusing on ourselves.   I personally have started adding extra herbs to my diet to support my immune system which I know is compromised due to some health issues.  Of course, it isn’t a cure for this Pandemic but it is a way to better my health.  I have also been spending more time thoroughly cleaning and spending “Me” time in my home while under quarantine.  At first, it seemed crazy and unrealistic, but once it started so many thoughts and tasks flooded my mind.  Not only was I given this precious time for a purpose I was blessed to have so many things to do to keep busy.  Getting to know me is always an enlightening experience and you should feel the same about getting to know you. Many of us have family and friends that we are always focused on helping and we lose sight of something important, which is making sure you are healthy and happy.  So take the focus off of panicking and rushing to spend your money in stores in preparation for the worse.  Get what you need and maintain faith that this will pass.

Best Ways to Spend Your Time

During this time when we are all under quarantine, you will be experiencing something many of us have never gone through. So make this experience a positive. Start off by taking some time to figure out what you want and what your body needs. Then get to work on finding things that will lead to solutions for your wants and needs. You can even try things like journaling if you are having a mental overload. It will help you release that mental stress that can eat you up and cause you harm. It doesn’t have to be fancy but let it be what you want, feel or just a dumpster for all those things eating at you. Another great way to spend your time is to watch something funny whether it’s a video or television program. Laughing does the body good and will take your mind off of this terrible Pandemic we are facing. Monitor how much you watch the news. If you let fear take over you will be stuck on watching report after report which will send you into a frenzy of panic. That’s not healthy and will only cause you to lose focus on your goal of keeping you and your family safe.

Spread the Love

Remember we are all in this predicament so reach out to your friends and loved ones. It will make you feel better and will definitely lift yours and their spirits.

Hope this gives you some ideas on spending your time under quarantine. Making a better you is never a waste of time so work on you and stay positive. If you need more ideas on how to get through this check out my post https://scarletshealthandwellness.com/ideas-to-brighten-your-spirits/

*For more about this pandemic go to: http://www.cdc.gov

Until next time stay safe and make the best of this situation.


Starting my journey to a healthier lifestyle began when I realized that the human body is like a machine. Whatever you put in it affects how it works. To allow our body to function at it's best we must care for it properly both physically and mentally. So my mission is to help others by sharing tips and ideas on ways to bettering their health.

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