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Spring Is Here 0

Spring Is Here

After a long tiresome winter filled with cold days, I am looking forward to this season. Spring is here and this is the season of rebirth. Flowers begin to bloom, the sun begins shining brighter and days are longer. What’s not to like about these elements of spring? However, there is one thing even greater about the Spring than those things. This season affects our bodies in a positive way. The brighter days boost your mood and energize you. It also makes you want to do more outdoors as well. So let’s jump into this season and count the many...


Being the Best You

Self care is taking deliberate action to improve your physical, emotional and mental well being Physical-Taking care of the body regular doctor visits eating healthy foods monitoring portions and caloric intake exercising addressing chronic conditions finding alternatives to just taking medications for every issue. Psychological Self Care combat negative self talk addressing any mental health issues you may have knowing what and why you feel a specific way and how to resolve it in a positive way allowing you to grow. Emotional Self Care/Spiritual Self Care Having faith in a higher being…God and understanding your meaning in life. Emotional/Spiritual Self...