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Detox Lifestyle 0

Detox Lifestyle

Instead of using the harsh techniques of detoxing, I have read about an idea called Detox Lifestyle. This is the process of making small changes daily to live a healthier lifestyle. For me, this process is more practical and as I say all the time “small steps can lead to big changes”.

Fighting the Bulge

For many of us dieting is a part of our lives. We see these dream ads of going from a size 20 to a size 6 and fall for it. However there is no such thing. You are just setting yourself up for failure because everyone doesn’t have the same body make up. So thinking you will get these results is just a fantasy. I personally have tried many different diets, but never got the results I was seeking. So I have chosen to eat healthier. Its a better alternative to dieting and putting yourself through the torture of not...

Healthier Choices for the Holiday Season

As we all know the holiday season is upon us.  I am sure many of you including myself are getting the holiday menu set up and it includes yummy dishes like turkey, candy yams, and more.  With all of these scrumptious dishes it can be hard to control ourselves and many of us over indulge.  So today I will be sharing some suggestions I have come across and will be trying myself.  Alcohol Beverages This is a great time to celebrate and who wants to pass up the chance to enjoy a nice glass of champagne.  Unfortunately champagne is filled...