Healthier Choices for the Holiday Season

As we all know the holiday season is upon us.  I am sure many of you including myself are getting the holiday menu set up and it includes yummy dishes like turkey, candy yams, and more.  With all of these scrumptious dishes it can be hard to control ourselves and many of us over indulge.  So today I will be sharing some suggestions I have come across and will be trying myself. 

Alcohol Beverages

Here’s a great chart to put together some tasty drinks.

This is a great time to celebrate and who wants to pass up the chance to enjoy a nice glass of champagne.  Unfortunately champagne is filled with lots of empty calories and instead you can enjoy a nice wine spritzer.  It’s a great calorie saver and tastes so good.  All you have to do is pick a wine of your choice that isn’t too high in calories and for the bubbly flavor add 2oz of club soda which has no calories.  Isn’t that great?  Who can pass up a great idea like that?

Candied Yams

Candied yams is a favorite in my household and can really get addictive. However once you see that it is a whopping 215 calories for a serving of half a cup the delight dwindles.  Instead try making a dish of roasted sweet potatoes brushed with olive oil and omit all the sugary ingredients.  It tastes good and the roasting actually brings out the sweetness in the potatoes.  The calories is way less and can be saved for you to indulge in other tasty treats.

Turkey Dark Meat

Turkey is a great main dish but it has its draw backs because the white meat contains two times the fat of white meat which is over 200 calories.  Instead enjoy some of the white meat and decrease your calorie intake to about 160 calories. 

Cranberry Sauce

This is one of my favorites and is a must on my dinner table.  However the regular canned cranberry sauce is about 100 calories a slice.  Instead enjoy a low calorie cranberry sauce or cranberry relish. Google it and you will find tons of simple recipes for low calorie cranberry relish/sauce.

Flour Dinner Rolls

Dinner rolls are a popular side dish at many dinner tables.  However their calorie count is 100 to 200 calories each.  Instead try a whole wheat roll.  It not only has less calories but also supplies you with fiber which we all need for gut health.

Egg Nog

Egg nog is a tasty drink and is enjoyed mostly around the holiday season.  However each serving is up to 250 calories.  Instead try Apple Cider.  It is almost half the calories per serving and has many benefits like promoting good gut bacteria and contains vitamin C, which we need for our immune system.

Veggies with Fatty Dips

They are often used for an appetizer but are packed with way too many calories.  Instead try making a veggie platter with hummus for the dip.  Hummus is a great Middle Eastern dip, packed with many benefits from improving blood sugar levels to bettering your digestive health.  It taste great and comes in many flavors.  Sabra makes a great hummus and at decent prices.  It comes in flavors for all tastes like roasted garlic, lemon twist, jalapeno or roasted red pepper which is my favorite.

Mash Potatoes

Mash potatoes is loved by all from babies to adults.  However it is packed with a lot of calories.  1 cup of mashed potatoes is 214 calories.  Instead try mashed cauliflower which contains only 142 calories per cup.  It is simple to make and has many benefits from high in vitamin C to high in fiber.

Well there you have it, some great ideas on how to eat healthier while still enjoying yourself. Hope these ideas help you to make some healthier changes in your life. We only live once and since our body is not getting any younger we must learn to treat it better.

Until the next time, stay positive and Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble, Gobble…


Starting my journey to a healthier lifestyle began when I realized that the human body is like a machine. Whatever you put in it affects how it works. To allow our body to function at it's best we must care for it properly both physically and mentally. So my mission is to help others by sharing tips and ideas on ways to bettering their health.

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