Gift Ideas

Tis the season to be jolly. Many of us are in the midst of the holiday season’s hustle and bustle. It is customary in many of our cultures to celebrate this season with family and loved ones and exchange gifts. As such it can get very stressful. In our attempts to find the right gift for that special person we often lose sight of the reason we are giving. We are giving out of the kindness of our heart and to make that special person feel loved and appreciated. So as I am sure many of you will agree this is where things can get out of hand. We spend money we don’t have and feed into a materialistic society that tells us if we don’t have certain things we’re not going to fit in. This can lead to mental stress and depression and turn a special time of the year into a dreadful time of the year.

In my daily activities on both social media and in the city I have noticed some great gifts that would be appreciated and not break your pockets. As such I’d like to discuss them with you and show you some options that may not have been on your mind.

Being comfy and cozy is always an awersome feeling that allows you to relax and drift away from the many worries of the day. For that special person who you know that likes to cuddle up and watch movies or just be in the comforts of his or her home this would be a great gift. A snuggle is a blanket that fits you like a robe and blanket in one. Its so comfy and warm and is a great item to have. I received one and it has certainly become a main staple when I just want to relax and be comfortable. Another great thing about this item is that it is very affordable and sold on quite a few websites from Groupon to Amazon.

Another great gift for that special person in your life who likes aromatherapy and essential oils is a diffuser. An aromatherapy diffuser is like a humidifier that diffuses essential oils through the air to create an aroma of your choice. They are made with a tank that holds water and your choice of oil and some have other features like colored lights. I have the one pictured and it was such a great buy. It has a large water tank which allows the diffuser to function for hours without the need of refilling. It’s easy to operate and clean as well which has made the experience of using a diffuser even better. For anyone who is an essential oil lover this is the perfect gift that just keeps giving.

For that loved one who is an essential oil lover on the go a great option is diffuser jewelry. That’s also a great gift for bead and jewelry lovers. It’s a beaded piece of jewelry that has lava beads on it. The lava beads are porous and allow you to dab a bit of your favorite essential oil or blend and smell it throughout your busy day. I have a few bracelets that have become a part of my daily fashion necessities. I love how the scent lasts thru the day.

Some people are just a bit harder to shop for. So for those that are caring and love the natural miracles of life a plant would be a perfect gift. It is a gift that will be nurtured and also offer benefits to the receiver like killing toxins in the air or other health benefits as well as rewarding them with the miracle of growth. Plants are a big love of mine personally. They have certainly added beauty to my home and help me escape the stressful days I have experienced.

I hope these suggestions help you find the special gift for that loved one that you want to show your appreciation and love to. Remember giving gifts isn’t always about what you spend, it is also about how it will make the receiver feel. Take your time and don’t stress yourself. After all it is the season to be jolly so celebrate and enjoy yourself. No need to stress yourself and cause issues that will make you lose sight of the holiday season’s true meaning. Stress can lead to many health issues and is just not something we need to put on ourselves.

Until next time stay focused and enjoy life.


Starting my journey to a healthier lifestyle began when I realized that the human body is like a machine. Whatever you put in it affects how it works. To allow our body to function at it's best we must care for it properly both physically and mentally. So my mission is to help others by sharing tips and ideas on ways to bettering their health.

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