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Not a day goes by that I don’t see the topic of detox dieting mentioned whether it is in a magazine, on social media, or in a television advertisement. These posts make it seem like it is a necessity for healthy living and an easy way to clear your body of toxins.

Purpose of Detox Dieting

Let’s start by defining the term. Detox diets are used with the purpose of eliminating toxins from the body, improve health, and most of all the promotion of weight loss. These diets involve the use of laxatives, teas, and foods that are thought to have detoxing properties. After looking into this option for me I have found that these diets are not as beneficial as they say they are. These diets require the use of harsh cleansings that can disrupt your body’s natural process for removing toxins as well as your overall health. Another drawback is that when you take medications as I do daily the cleansings can interfere with your meds. That would cause more issues. Cleanses require time, stressful fasting, expensive products, and a strong will power to just eliminate certain foods from your diet.


I personally do not think this method of dieting is very practical. If you are used to eating certain foods all of your life, just removing the food from your diet can be very difficult both physically and mentally. Think about it, when you are missing that morning cup of coffee or tea and your whole attitude changes. That one food interrupts your whole day. Now you feel incomplete, and may even haves craving for that food all day. As a result, your attitude may display your discontent. You may become grumpy and easily annoyed and unable to focus on tasks that you are required to do. Now that’s not a good situation to be in. Then after the mental torture, you just take the plunge and cave in. That leads to feelings of failure and you start to feel defeated and lost. This situation can snowball from a basic diet change to something more unhealthy for you both mentally and physically. After taking all of this into consideration I figured there had to be better alternatives.

Detox Lifestyle

Instead of using the harsh techniques of detoxing, I have read about an idea called Detox Lifestyle. This is the process of making small changes daily to live a healthier lifestyle. For me, this process is more practical and as I say all the time “small steps can lead to big changes”. So to get you on board with this idea I have a few tips that are practical and you can begin implementing right away. I have personally begun my journey and am feeling quite accomplished. Although it hasn’t been long at least I have started.


Start the day on the right path by quenching that thirst that has developed for sleeping so many hours through the night. Drink at least 16 oz. water. It helps wake the body up and rid the body of toxins. For a little twist try adding fresh lemon juice to a glass of warm water. It will get your bowels moving and get you hydrated with a little flavor.


Breathing in clean air reduces the body to toxins and purifies the lungs. So set aside some time to focus on clean breathing. Give yourself at least 4 minutes and just breath in and out slowly. This will not only get clean air in your lungs but also refresh you. Then you will be ready to meet the challenges you must face whether it’s work, dealing with the family or working on a project you need done.

Start monitoring what you consume

As discussed earlier it’s hard to go cold turkey on things you enjoy eating like sugar, dairy, meeat, and products that contain gluten. However work on alternatives or just cut back on the amount you consume. The items cause inflammation in your body. Inflammation in your body is the process your body uses to fight against things that harm you. So if you decrease the foods that trigger this response your body can function better and the foods can be processed and your body can gain the nutrients from the foods as needed.

Add Sulfur Rich Foods

Sulfur is a component of the proteins that make up different types of tissues in the body from your muscles, skin, bones, to your hair and nails. Foods rich in sulfur include vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, garlic, onions and organic eggs.

A Different Kind of Green

While you are trying to add more foods to your diet that are beneficial to the body check out Spirulina. It comes in powdered form or as a liquid extract. It is a blue-green algae that contains many nutirents the body needs and can also help the body fight off some ailments as well as detox the body of heavy metals and expel it through the digestive system.

Focus on Good Gut Health

Adding Probiotics to your diet is always a plus. It regulates the good bacteria in your gut which allows you to digest the food you eat. Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, miso, kobucha, kimchi and many others are just a few that can help promote good gut health.

I hope these ideas can be helpful to you and get you started on a healthier journey. Just remember there is no quick ways to changing old habits that have been used all of your life. So be patient and take your time. Remember to celebrate your accomplishments no matter how small.

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Until next time stay healthy and safe.


Starting my journey to a healthier lifestyle began when I realized that the human body is like a machine. Whatever you put in it affects how it works. To allow our body to function at it's best we must care for it properly both physically and mentally. So my mission is to help others by sharing tips and ideas on ways to bettering their health.

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