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Mammogram Jitters

As a woman it is important to monitor and care for your body. That includes all parts and sometimes not so pleasant tests and procedures are a requirement. Mammograms are so important and can truly save your life. However for many years it was a fear for me. I had all of these exaggerated thoughts of the procedure, and since the breast are a tender area I figured it would cause great discomfort. I listened to the experience of others, and built up this dreadful fear of this procedure. So I kept delaying having the test and figured with self...


Getting Past the Anger

Do not ignore wisdom. Or when you’re troubled and overwhelmed you will not have wisdom to get through it.” Anger is an emotion that makes you lose your consciousness of wisdom. It’s like a volcano erupting. When it erupts it has no boundaries, and just bursts out uncontrollably harming any and everything in its path. When an unexpected incident arises causing anger, and frustration what can you do to stop it from escalating? How can you regain control of your emotions, and avoid making mistakes that could have been avoided? These are the questions that we need to answer for...


Goals: Creating and Achieving Them

Having goals is something we should all possess. Whether it is short term or long term we should always want to achieve our goals. They allow us to grow and achieve what we set out to do. Sometimes it may seem impossible to complete but if we maintain positivity and stay motivated we can do it. The one thing required to complete your goals is open-mindedness. It will allow you to see opportunities you may have previously ignored or felt you could not do. Being open-minded means different things to each one of us.  For some, it’s just as it...


Stay Focused on the Positive

Since the month of March, all of our lives have been turned upside down. Our normal routines have been stopped and totally replaced with what seems to be a new norm. Things we took for granted like interacting with others is now a subject that causes fear to many. Going shopping and doing our daily tasks has become a job in itself. All of this is due to a pandemic that was not our fault. However, dealing with it is triggering many emotions from depression to anxiety. When something occurs out of our control many times we feel overwhelmed because...


Bringing Herbs Into Your Daily Regimen

Accomplishment This month has certainly been a progressive one for me and we are only halfway through. I had the opportunity to take a course to further build my knowledge of herbalism. Herbalism is the practice of using the nutrients found in plants to treat and prevent ailments, and for overall health. Plants offer nutrients that are very beneficial to humans. They are plentiful which makes them easy to get, easy to use, and very effective. Therefore it would make a great asset to your life and wellbeing, which is why it is a great idea to bring herbs into...

Spring is Here 0

Spring Is Here

After a long tiresome winter filled with cold days, I am looking forward to this season. Spring is here and this is the season of rebirth. Flowers begin to bloom, the sun begins shining brighter and days are longer. What’s not to like about these elements of spring? However, there is one thing even greater about the Spring than those things. This season affects our bodies in a positive way. The brighter days boost your mood and energize you. It also makes you want to do more outdoors as well. So let’s jump into this season and count the many...

Social Wellness 0

Social Wellness

Recognize the positive qualities you see in yourself and sharpen those qualities as much as possible. Use those qualities to help others.

Getting Pass the Fear 0

Getting Pass the Fear

Now that we have gotten over the initial feelings of being quarantined in my last post- It is time to get those creative juices flowing and on the road to planning some activities to keep you busy and productive. The benefits of being in this predicament: you and your family are safe and there are no rigid time schedules that require you to travel to and from work/school. So to make this a positive experience I will share some options that may be appealing to you or help you think of other activities you would enjoy or benefit from. Remember...

New Year's Resolutions 0

Here’s How You Can Be Successful With Your New Year’s Resolutions

What Is A New Year’s Resolution In order to succeed with New Year’s Resolutions we must first define what it is and it’s purpose. A New Year’s Resolution is when a person seeks to make a change of an undesired habit or when one sets a goal to accomplish something.  Many of us have started new year’s resolutions and started off on the right track, only to fall or fail at what we started out to do.  The purpose is great because it is for the bettering of one’s self or situation.  However, the goals we are committing to may be too steep...