Bringing Herbs Into Your Daily Regimen

Bringing Herbs Into Regimen


This month has certainly been a progressive one for me and we are only halfway through. I had the opportunity to take a course to further build my knowledge of herbalism. Herbalism is the practice of using the nutrients found in plants to treat and prevent ailments, and for overall health. Plants offer nutrients that are very beneficial to humans. They are plentiful which makes them easy to get, easy to use, and very effective. Therefore it would make a great asset to your life and wellbeing, which is why it is a great idea to bring herbs into your daily regimen.


Herbalism was introduced to me when I was a young woman just getting out of high school. At the time I had some medical problems but didn’t have any medical coverage due to some transitions I was going through. So I started to do some personal research about alternative medicine. I was amazed by the simple uses of herbs and the astounding effects it had on the body plus the idea that it didn’t just treat an ailment or problem but got to the root of the cause. So I turned towards herbalism to help me to function daily so I could live a life with some type of normalcy. Since I had medical issues that centered around my immune system I was constantly ill and wasn’t able to be as productive as I wanted to be. So I sought the help of an herbalist who worked in the health store I frequented. He assisted me as well as my personal research on ways to get healthy and a regimen to stay that way. From then on I became an advocate for herbalism and have practiced it ever since. I have even helped others in my life through their uneasy times and it gives me a feeling that I love because I am helping others as I was helped.

Purpose of Herbalism

Now that you have a better understanding of my journey and inspiration I want to share with you some information on herbalism. By no means am I saying you should ditch Modern Medicine for Herbalism. They actually can work together to make you live a healthier and happier life, which is why you should bring herbs into your life. You should consult your physician for any serious medical issues and follow the methods of the treatment given. However, to further heal and comfort your body through that tough experience you can seek some holistic treatments. While modern medicine focusing on just the symptoms of the illness, the holistic treatment will focus on your overall health.

For example, when I get a sinus infection which is common for me in the winter. I go to the doctor and follow the treatment given which includes taking antibiotics. Now as we all may know or have experienced antibiotics can be very harsh on your body often causing women to have yeast infection like symptoms because the medicine kills off the good bacteria which occurs naturally in our body to keep our system running efficiently as well as the bad bacteria that is causing the original ailment. So to avoid these issues I would incorporate some beneficial foods to my diet. One of those would be garlic because it helps boost the immune system which fights off infections. Green tea would also be helpful at this time because it also helps fight off the infection. There are so many herbal options it just requires a little research and preparation and the results will certainly please you. This example is a prime way of working with modern medicine and herbalism in harmony and the benefits are endless.

Add to Your Regimen

To get you started on this natural health journey there are some basics you can include in your daily regimen. Here I will mention a few and explain their purposes. Remember there are many herbs to use so do your own research and find what works best for you.

Teas For Every Mood
Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is one of the most basic ways to bring herbs into your daily regimen. It is also the easiest way to consume herbs and is a great way to treat your entire body. You can use herbs like peppermint, lemon balm, calendula, and chamomile. These herbs will give you the nutrients of the plant and the tea will relax your body and give you a needed moment of relaxation. So depending on what you are treating depends on the herb of choice but know tea is a great way to consume it. I personally use this method several times a day. In the morning I have a cup of tea that will get me feeling energized, give me clarity, and help my body get hydrated. Then in the evening, I will choose a more subtle herbal tea that will help me unwind and just let go of all the craziness that I have gone through all day.


Another popular way to enjoy the benefits of herbs is by aromatherapy. Aromatherapy allows you to diffuse the herbs in the form of essential oils. There are several ways you can use the essential oil for aromatherapy purposes. The simplest is opening a small bottle of the oil and slowly inhaling it. If you want the scent to last longer you can add it to a base oil which would be olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil and rub on your skin. The third way is to use a diffuser. This is similar to a humidifier but allows you to add essential oils to the water and then a fine mist makes the air smell pleasant and the mist also is absorbed into your skin.

Infused Water

A great way to incorporate herbs into your daily regimen is by adding some to your water infusions with a bit of fruit. It has many benefits and is so refreshing. Plus you will stay hydrated and gain the nutrients of the herbs used all at the same time. My favorite is strawberry and basil. The basil has many benefits from balancing your sugar to promoting a healthy gut. The strawberry also has benefits, it is packed with vitamins. For more on staying hydrated check out the article Feeling Your Best.

I hope the ideas mentioned here will be useful to you. From starting your morning off right to ending your evening with a feeling of relaxation, these tips can be useful to you. No need to feel overwhelmed or forced to buy unnecessary things. Just remember to do your research on what you need and what will be beneficial to you. The first step is to listen to your body and find what it needs for balance or comfort. Once you have that understood you will be able to start your journey in herbalism.

If this topic is something that you are interested in learning more about click the link below for a course that will teach you some helpful tips on working with herbs.

Learn More About Herbalism

Until next time stay healthy and remember there is nothing more important than your health.


Starting my journey to a healthier lifestyle began when I realized that the human body is like a machine. Whatever you put in it affects how it works. To allow our body to function at it's best we must care for it properly both physically and mentally. So my mission is to help others by sharing tips and ideas on ways to bettering their health.

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