Monthly Archive: May 2020

Spring Is Here 0

Spring Is Here

After a long tiresome winter filled with cold days, I am looking forward to this season. Spring is here and this is the season of rebirth. Flowers begin to bloom, the sun begins shining brighter and days are longer. What’s not to like about these elements of spring? However, there is one thing even greater about the Spring than those things. This season affects our bodies in a positive way. The brighter days boost your mood and energize you. It also makes you want to do more outdoors as well. So let’s jump into this season and count the many...

Home Remedies

Home Remedies

Many times on our journey through life we may have some hiccups along the way with our health, due to common ailments that may occur. These ailments can cause discomfort and seem overwhelming because they occur at the most inconvenient time. So finding simple ways to cure basic ailments can allow us to breathe a sigh of relief. Home remedies allow you to use things that you have around the house or that are easily accessible. People turn to home remedies for many reasons from lack of money to the inability to seek medical assistance due to transportation, time, or...

Detox Lifestyle 0

Detox Lifestyle

Instead of using the harsh techniques of detoxing, I have read about an idea called Detox Lifestyle. This is the process of making small changes daily to live a healthier lifestyle. For me, this process is more practical and as I say all the time “small steps can lead to big changes”.