Monthly Archive: July 2019


5 Healthy Foods to Fight Cravings

Have you ever had the strong urge for a snack and just couldn’t ignore this deep feeling of want? Then you give in to that urge and later regret it. Many of us face this situation daily. There are so many things that can tip off your yearning from stress to boredom. Well, now its time to make a change in our lives and instead of denying these urges feed into it with healthier snacks that are not only delicious but good for your body. Also make some changes that would be beneficial in this fight like increasing your water...


Women Beware

Information we all need to know about fibroids. Today I would like to discuss a very important issue that affects many women in today’s society. As I have constantly stressed to you, your body gives you signs when something is wrong and it’s up to you to take heed to the warning signs. Recently I had a very close friend of mine undergo surgery due to her constant suffering with fibroids. These fibroids actually were a sign of a more deep rooted situation and because she took action she was able to get help and prevent deeper life threatening health...